“No one builds a legacy by standing still.”

Oscar Auliq-Ice

Ionic Alliance Group is continuously developing its pipeline and regulatory strategy for production and distribution.
Products are created in the lab for research and large-scale production of current marketable products.

IBAL Products

API Formulations
Pharmaceutical Formulations
Topical Personal Care Formulations
Animal Health Formulations

IBAL Development Projects

Develop a multitude of delivery systems to cut clinical administrative requirements.
Cationic delivery of nutrition through topical, oral, and injectable administration.
Establish studies on optimum cellular signaling through nutritional balances.
Establish studies on the reduction of Oxidative Stress.
Delivery cellular regenerative therapies.
Deliver Lyme and pathological solutions.
Develop Autoimmune Disorder solutions.
Develop Oncology solutions.

The important thing is not to stop questioning

Curiosity has its own reason for existence




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